New Puppies

Below are typical examples of the puppies we have to offer you.  
Since we breed and show actively, pups in all colors are availiable
most times of the year. Puppies sold for breeding will be sold under
show or breeding contracts and we do not sell to casual, backyard
breeders or anyone who has no interest in showing and
improvement of this wonderful breed in either AKC, UKC or any
legit club. First and foremost we want our puppies in good homes
and unless we are keeping the pup for ourselves any puppy can be
sold to a loving family where the puppy will be a cherished family
member. Puppies not placed in show homes will not be given
breeding papers and registration will not be provided until prove of
spay and or neuter. Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have
certain puppy in mind, I or a reputable source should be able to
help you find the puppy of your dreams.
Wildwood Poodle
Beautiful East Texas