Sires and Dams


These are some of our breeding dogs. They all come from
champion blood lines and are sound in mind and body.

Stud service to approved females. Stud fees will increase in 2011.

Summer Sassy Bonnie: Bonnie is a red female, sired by Koehls
Backdraft and Suzys Sassy Scarlet. She is a color bred red poodle.
Bonnie produces dark red puppies with beautiful heads and thick
hair coats. Bonnie’s temperament is one who really loves affection,
she enjoys relaxing and watching TV, and she is one of our best
fetchers. Bonnie house broke her self and is probably one of our
best behaved girls. She is a very outgoing pet and has never met a
stranger. She is 6 pounds and ten inches tall at the shoulders.

Wildwood's Ring of Fire - Cash: This Dark Red boy is home bred
and will start his show career in the winter of 2007. Cash is super
dark red ,beautifully put together with a gorgeous head. He has a
extroverted personality and loves everyone.. He comes from an all
red top producing pedigree and will be a great producer. He has a
square silhouette, is remarkably intelligent and highly responsive.
We look forward to seeing him show.

white boy is one of our home bred whites out of CH BELLVIEWS
JODAN IVE GOT CLASS and our lovely white female Angel who is
on leg and shortbacked with a pretty head and tiny eye. He has jet
black pigment, a elegant long neck and plush ice white coat. Frosty
will start his stud career here at Wildwood in early 08. FROSTY is
dead sound in every way and We feel with his beauty and pedigree
that he has alot to offer the toy poodle breed. Frosty is a little
clown! When he wants something he will stand up on his back legs
and beg with his front! He was not taught to do this and whats
funny is that his sire Ch THRILLER does the exact same thing!

snow bunny is one of our home bred girls out of CH BELLVEIW
JODANS IVE GOT CLASS and our lovely ice white girl ANGEL who
is sired by CH BROADBAY CADILLAC MAN TP. CIARA is refined,
ice white, high on leg and shortbacked. CIARA has a beautiful thick
coat, tiny little eyes and jet black pigment. CIARA exhibits beautiful
movement, carriage and is so correct and sound. CIARA was going
to begin motherhood her at WILDWOOD but after some thought we
have decide to grow coat back out and let her have a show career
first. Watch for her in the ring in the summer of 2008.

Gleamer is a beautiful ice white boy bred by MARTHA TALLEY of
CUSTOM POODLES, we are so glad to have him as part of a our
future stud force her at Wildwood. Gleamer is a very nice example
of what I think a toy poodle should look and act like! GLEAMER is
shortbacked, up on leg, refined but not spindliy, with a beautiful
long, lean, headpeice and tiny almond shaped eyes. He is sound in
every way and his best attribute is the way he moves! This boy can
really move out! GLEAMER is soon to finish and is being handled
by the wonderful JODY WEAVER of Jicarta Poodles. THANKS
SUCH A NICE BOY!            -UPDATE-  Gleamer has finished and
is now a Champion with 3 majors!!!

Ch. Jodans Black Top Hat and Tails: This is one of our young
males, Topper. Topper has sound movement, a beautiful head and
tremendous showmanship. He was able to win his championship
with 4 majors. He has balanced overall conformation with ink black
dense coat.

CH. WILDWOOD'S RHYTHM 'N BLUES EDDY: is a beautiful blue
male that was born here at WILDWOOD, he is sired by our CH
SOUVENIR and our home bred champion sired silver beige girl
SHAMELESS ATTITUDE. EDDY is beautifully conformed with and
short back and beautiful elegant long neck. He has a really nice
headpiece with a tiny little eye and he has good sound movement.
EDDY has a wonderful temperament and will be a real showmen,
as is his father and both his grandfathers were. He is now with
Dianne McCann of Candees Toy Poodles.

Wildwood's One Chance Fanci: Fanci is one of our beautiful
PARTY girls that will contribute to our party breeding project. The
Party Poodle gives a great explosion of colors some people look for
in their pet. Fanci will produce this fine characteristic. She has
wonderful conformation and flashy markings. Fanci is very
outgoing, pleasant, perky and just loves the world, and everyone in
it. Fanci will be shown in the UKC ring Spring of 2008.

CH. Wildwood's I-Cee-Hot-Tyson: Tyson is one of our darling
Ice Whites which has just started his show career. He is short
backed, ice white, and has jet black pigment. He really enjoys going
to the dog shows and performs so well. He only weighs 4 pounds,
but thinks he can tackle the biggest dog he lays eyes on! His
personality is second to none and he is proud of it. He commands
attention from the time he arrives until his work is complete. Tyson
is from 1/2 white breeding and 1/2 silver breeding and should
produce wonderful pups in both colors. We are very proud of
Tyson's accomplishments and love to see him prove his excellence.
Tyson won his class at P.C.A. this year and we are very proud him.

Siimlines XXS of Cherwood: Rowdy is our newest Ice White male;
as you can see he is just beautiful! He is ultra refined, high on leg,
and so short backed. His coat is dense, plush, ice white with black
pigment. Rowdy moves gracefully and his attitude and carriage
make an elegant side picture. Rowdy is from 1/2 white breeding and
1/2 silver breeding. He has lots of attitude and proudly carries
himself with distinction and nobility.

Cooper: Meet Cooper, he is our bright Ice White toy male, he is out
of CH. Broad Bay Cadillac man who was a top producer and lived
to be 23. We are growing coopers coat and it is now longer than in
his picture. Cooper is a bright white color and has perfect
conformation. In his line, there are many ice white colored toy
poodles, therefore, those traits should carry to his puppies.

CH. Wildwood's Rollin Red Savage: Savy is our beautiful red boy
out our Ch Apache and mom Roxy.. He is dark red and truly
beautiful, short backed and up on the leg. Producer of champions!
Savy is extroverted and can really step out! He just loves a crowd.
.. Will be a future stud here at Wildwood after his show career..
Watch for him in the ring starting in JUNE O7!  We would like to
specially thank John, Georgia, and Sandy for all their hard work
with Savy on the road.  Great Job!!!

CH Jodan's Silver Souvenir: Refined, up on leg, short back and
very sound, "Souve" is one of our best. He is very sound and even
colored all over. He moves with grace and poise and has a lot of
personality. He is a tremendous showman, and loves the ring. Stud
service available to approved females.

Jasmine: "Jazzy" is our pretty Brown girl, she is sweet and loves
everybody.. Jazzy has a terrific pedigree that carries mostly brown
dogs from the Laurelberry line. She has had excellent pups when
bred to our Trey. Jasmine has a really extreme head and really
looks like a tiny standard poodle. She is actually darker than this pic
and has held her color really well.

CH Jodan's Wind Walker: With limited showing, Walker and his
littermate, Spirit, were in the top ten winning Toy Poodles with
Group wins and placements. He is refined, ice white, high on leg,
short backed and has a beautiful head with black pigment and eye.
Multiple Group Winner.

Jodans Prairie Flower: This Ice White Toy Female is Jodans Prairie
Flower, this extravagant female is in full coat and has been shown
and pointed. She is out of CH. Jodans Yerbrier White Hunter and
CH. Jodans Spirit Song. She comes from all white breeding and is
bright Ice White. Flower is very active and has a special talent when
it comes to playing fetch. She is a "people poodle" which is very
outgoing; therefore, that genetic trait should also carry to her

Maggie: This is Maggie, our beautiful silver girl. She is a little
camera shy, but is very laid back and loyal. She produces beautiful
silver platinum and ice white puppies. Maggie gives unconditional
loving and has an animated attitude. Her prior breeding's have
produced puppies with exceptional coats, beautiful headpieces,
nice carriage, and loving temperaments.

Jodans Red Candy Apple: This Red Toy Female is Jodans Red
Candy Apple, she is sired by CH Jodans Red Apache and comes
from all red color breeding. She is show quality and is a dark red
extravert. Apple is like a little ballerina and spins when she gets
excited. Apple comes from some of the best Red Jodan breeding.
She has been shown and pointed. Apple is in size dog and will pass
the fine qualities to her off spring. Apple is a fine example of the toy
poodle standard.

Wildwood's Sassy Sienna: Red Toy Female out of Sherfames
Lucky Red Bounce and Summer Sassy Tawney. She is a color
bred female. Sienna is one of our show prospects and we have
high hopes for her. Sienna loves to swim and retrieve and thrives to
be outdoors where she can run wild. Sienna was easily house
broken and a fast learner. Sassy Sienna is a funny dog; she doesn't
think she is a poodle but rather a big hunting dog. Her best friend is
the yellow tennis ball she is constantly carrying around. She is five
pounds and ten inches tall at the shoulders and has a thick red coat.

Wildwood's Let It Rip Let It Roll Roxy: Red Toy Female out of CH.
Candies Let It Rip Let It Fly and Summers Sassy Tawney. Roxy has
retained a very RED color and a dense coat, she has an excellent
temperament and wonderful conformation. Like all of Tawney's
puppies, she loves to fetch, and she loves the water. Roxy is one of
the most out going females at Wildwood, she never tires and is
always ready for play.

Wildwood's Shocka Khonn: This is our only Female Standard
Poodle at Wildwood. Shocka is very outgoing as any Standard
should be. Her coat is mostly kept short because she is a working
dog. She stands guard on our farm and helps out when needed.
Shocka is always proving her natural retrieval instincts, sometimes
its almost impossible to keep her out of the water. Shocka is very
smart and full of attitude, this makes her one of our favorite
companions at Wildwood.

Candy: She is a color bred Red Female . Candy is very attentive
and fun. Her puppies will pass on her strong deep red traits. Candy
has the temperament of a very sweet dog. Candy can walk on her
back legs among many other fun tricks.  Her intelligence level is
one of the highest we've seen in any dog.  She enjoys going for
rides in the car and relaxing on the couch when she is not busy
playing with her many friends here at Wildwood.

Boo: She too is a color bred Red female and is Candy's mom. She
is also quite playful and enjoys other dogs. Her coat is a dark red
with nice thick hair. Boo is very inquisitive and loves to be the
center of attention all the time. Like her daughter Candy, Boo is
also a performer, she learned tricks and obedience with ease.
Some times we wonder what she will do next.

Summer Sassy Tawney: Red Toy Female out of Koehls Backdraft
and Suzys Sassy Scarlet. She is Summer Sassy Bonnie’s younger
sister. Tawney sure is a firecracker; she is one of our most outgoing
pets with an excellent temperament. She also has a sweet side and
her coat makes her look like a little teddy bear. She produces
beautiful short backed dark red puppies that are always in size.
Tawney has one of the thickest coats our dog groomer has ever
seen on a poodle. Tawney weighs in at five pounds, and is nine
and one-half inches tall.

Elks Creeks Laurelbury Tribute (Trey): He is a Black Toy Male out
of CH. Elk Creeks Tribute to Wyndham and CH. Elk Creek Coffee
Bean, both of which are top producers. Trey is a go getter and he
too enjoys being outdoors and the water. He has been shown some
and we hope to finish him next spring. Trey is nine inches at the
shoulders and five pounds. He should sire both black and brown
show prospect puppies.

Wildwood's Sassy Sahara: Red toy female out of Elk Creeks Firefly
Bi Ryder and Summer Sassy Bonnie. Sahara has her mothers
sweet temperament and has enough coat for two poodles. Sahara
is very dark red and is ten inches tall and weighs in at six pounds.
Sahara is a very social girl who almost always initiates play with the
other dogs. She is somewhat a clown and seems to want to learn
all the new tricks. Her favorite activity is treat time! She loves to be
groomed and will stand there as long as you will brush her. Sahara
carries some of the top producing bloodlines in today’s red poodles.

Wildwood's Lucky Red Bounce: He is a color bred, Red Toy Male.
He is Sienna’s older brother and he is out of Summer Sassy
Tawney and Sherfames Lucky Red Bounce. He is also one of our
show prospects and we have confidence he will do well. He carries
some of the best red genetics around and has an all red pedigree.
Rocket stands ten inches and he weighs in at five and a half
pounds. He is now in Canada, and a producer of champions!

CH. Jodan's Elk Creek Black Pepper: Pepper is on leg, short-
backed with a beautiful head. He has a good underjaw and a thick
jet-black coat . Pepper is a effervescent marvelous showman
winning all his points as a puppy. Please contact us for his pedigree

CH Jodan's Elk Creek Brown Bolero: Bolero is one of the nicest
males here at Wildwood. He has retained his very dark brown color
and dense coat after finishing as a puppy at seven months. Multiple
Varieties from the Puppy class and as a special. Please contact us
for further information and his pedigree.

CH. Jodan's Red Apache: Apache is an outstanding, small refined
DARK RED extrovert. He has a very outgoing temperament and
enjoys a lot of attention. He is very sound and has a short back,
high on leg. He finished with three majors. You will not find a stud
with this quality very easily. The traits this dog passes to his pups is
second to none. Please contact us for more information and his

Pentastars Wildwood Tucker: Tucker is a Red/ Apricot male toy out
of CH. Riders Hot Diggity Dog and Pentastars Sherri Blue. Tucker
is one of our youngest males and we have high hopes for him. He is
a bit smaller standing nine inches and weighing in at four pounds.
Tucker rules the roost, he is a small package but don't tell him, he
doesn't know it. Tucker has a very outgoing personality and he too
loves everyone he meets. Tucker has an All-Star pedigree and is a
one of a kind.

Lucy: She was born here at Wildwood and we are proud of her.
She is out of Ch Lolins Shameless Knight and Summers Sassy
Bonnie. Lucy is a show quality girl that took the best from her
parents and grew into beautful dog. She has a thick coat and is
very short backed. Lucy was easily trained and highly intelligent.
She is an escape artist and can climb like a monkey!

AKC/UKC Dual Ch Wildwoods Into The Limelight: Stunning home
bred boy by Ch Gleamer x Diva. Ace is one of the most beautiful
poodles you will ever lay eyes upon, with  true reach and drive
movement, absolute soundness and near perfect conformation. I
just cant say enough about this beautiful dog! Also produces silver,
Optigen clear by way of parentage.

Wildwoods Cache Shyra Of Camelot: Beautiful silver producer that
carries the good old Camelot lines.. Shyra has fluid movement,
beautiful conformation with that extroverted personality I just love!
Optigen clear by parentage.

Wildwoods Covered In Diamonds: Gorgeous paper white girl with
correct movement and thick hair coat.. HALF white, half Silver
pedigree filled full of champions.

CH Bragabout Invincible: Here on lease from dear friend Martha
Talley of Custom Poodles. Glenn is a gorgeous boy that is an asset
to our silver and white breeding program. Now with friend Frank
Reliford of Principal Poodles.

Darcon Calais Mission To Mars: Bred by dear friends Darlene
Crosby of Dar con Toy poodles and Sharon Smith of Calais Toy
poodles. We are very pleased to have this beautiful boy! As of
12/28/10 this beautiful boy has both majors and will be going to
California to finish his title with good friend,  handler  Mark Lassiter
and maybe try for a Grand Title. Rocket is stunning boy with a
gorgeous head, correct paper white coat and pretty movement.

UKC CH Wildwoods Fire & Brimstone: Beautiful Ch Savy x Lucy
son, Preacher as he is called started his show career out with bang
taking winners dog both days in denton over adult competition in his
first akc show and then finishing his UKC championship in one
weekend. Preacher has that big reaching movement and that
wonderful extroverted temperament that his sire Ch Savy puts on
his pups. Preacher is now in Australia.

Wildwoods Ill Make You Famous: Ch Savy X Lucy son, Amos has a
three point major in akc before breaking  his pelvis and having to sit
out. This pretty boy is a golden colored extrovert with a beautiful
face, ultra refined and nice movement. Thinking of bringing him
back out in the spring summer of 2011.

UKC CH Wildwoods Silversmith: He is a Ch Gleamer x Diva son,
full brother to Dual Ch Wildwoods Into the Limelight. Romeo is one
of my favorites! This stunning silver boy has pretty movement and
is just beautiful coming and going. Romeo is has a extreme head
and expression and some would say overdone but He will put some
head back one some these toys with round back skulls and button
eyes! This beautiful boy has a high tail carriage, beautiful rear, and
level top line. Outgoing temperament with correct crisp poodle coat

Wildwoods Sands In Time: Ch Savy x Sahara son- This beautiful
boy of golden color really made a splash his first weekend out this
summer at the 2010 San Antonio shows winning the variety both
days and a group 4 placement over several number one dogs! Not
bad for a 6 month old puppy out at his first show. Winston as we
call him, has the true reach and drive movement that is so important
to me. He is really an over all beautiful picture and he was used in a
judging seminar at the Houston shows. Look for this beautiful boy in
the ring again in 2011

Gondalier: Beautiful snow white son of my old Ch Drifter and
Flower, who is a niece to CH WALKER, being a daughter of CH
Jodans Spirit Song, CH Walkers littermate sister. Both CH Drifters
parents were also champions. Gondalier has nice conformation,
beautiful movement and one best temperments anyone could ask
for. He is a very sound, athletic dog whose pups should ex cell in
agility, flyball, or rally.

Jet: This inky black girl is beautiful as well as intelligent.. Jet has a
gorgeous head and expression with good movement and correct
conformation. Produces show type puppies/

Customs Super Collider: This beautiful true buttery cream is just
stunning! Beautiful head and expression, fluid movement, great
conformation. This boy has one of the easiest coats to keep, look
for Glunio the ring in 2011.

Customs American Gigalo: Co bred and owned with good friend
Martha Talley of Custom Poodles. Gigalo is the product of a cross
between Ch Bragabout Invincible and our home bred girl Sierra,
with the pedigree on this dog combining some of the best whites
known today. Gigalo is pure ice white, all black points and even jet
black toenails. A stunning boy with great conformation and tiny cat
like feet. Now showing.

Dj: This dark red extrovert is just about everything you could want
in a red toy! His temperament is just awesome and all toy poodles
should act like him.. He has that stompy little attitude and has no
idea that is just 4 pounds! Short back, cobby little body, he is a true
toy. Dj is just needs two single points to finish his championship and
will be out again in 2011. Dj is for sale to a approved home.
Wildwood Poodle
Beautiful East Texas